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This page is still work in progress. You will find here the documentation of EUDAT services soon.

Documentation for EUDAT B2-services#

From here you can access all the documentation for the EUDAT B-2 Services. This includes all public user, technical and administrative documentation, and explains how to engage, deploy and use the servic

old content#

This repository summerizees all public user, technical and administativ documentation for the EUDAT B2-services suite.


This documentation contains information on the

  • EUDAT’s Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (B2ACCESS)
  • EUDAT’s personal & group workspace (B2DROP)
  • EUDAT’s Data catalouge (B2FIND)
  • EUDAT’s Handle service (B2HANDLE)
  • EUDAT’s Instruments registry (B2INST)
  • EUDAT’s large data storage (B2SAFE)
  • EUDAT’s Data publishing service (B2SHARE)


Please contact us if you are missing any content or if you have general comments.