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Registration of a Group#

In order to request and register a new group, contact our Helpdesk, providing the following information:

  • Group name
  • Group description
  • Group manager
  • Group acceptable use policy. Templates can be found here: odt / pdf.
  • Group privacy policy, if needed. Templates can be found here: odt / pdf.

We will get in touch with you, while setting up the Group or if something is missing.


You (as a Group admin) need to be able to authenticate with the assurance of RAF Cappuccino, i.e. you need to identify with your passport at your Identity Provider.


As an administrator of a group you take a substantial share of responsibilities for a working process. The requirements come from the Services. Many services have requirements on the quality of the user identity assurance and on the general quality of the identity provider.

Depending on the service (in this case those allow shell access or data storage) this often requires the users to have shown a passport at their home-IdP and also require the home-IdP to support certain security procedures.


The group membership information are released via the entitlements of the user. Services may use the group membership for authorisation and granting access to special ressource, e.g. grooup quota on B2DROP.


Last update: 09.11.2023