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For Administrators#


B2INST is designed to be easy to use and currently supports access restrictions, registration of PIDs for any uploaded data object or file, additions of checksums and transition of all metadata information to the EUDAT metadata search. Importantly, B2INST enforces the inclusion of metadata accompanying the deposited data, so as to increase the value and facilitate sharing of your assets. Metadata is defined in metadata schemas and includes default mandatory fields as well as fields defined by the community under which the deposit is made. As a default, uploaded materials are published with Open Access. Although access can be restricted at the time of upload, EUDAT strongly encourages Open Access to research data in accordance with the policy of the European Commission. B2INST hosts a tool to help the user choose the correct licence for their data.

How to access the B2INST service#

B2INST is available from the following URL:


B2INST enforces the grouping of instrument data publications and users through communities. Communities are easily identified on the landing pages of instrument data publications in B2INST which provide a link to the community landing page itself. This landing page provides an overview of the community, the latest publications and the community metadata schema.

Metadata schema#

A community can define its own metadata schema fields on top of the default metadata schema defined by B2INST. This way a community is able to enforce any researcher that publishes instrument data under that community to include additional information about the instrument uploaded.


Community policies enable a community to limit the access for users and enforce workflows. Policies can be changed at all times, but modifications to communities must be done by the B2INST administrators. Please contact EUDAT through the webform if your community wants to make changes.