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Information for users#


We created a manual which explains the login flow, synchronisation on several devices or operating systems and our B2SHAREbridge. Please read the manual if you have questions about this topics. Sharing with collaborators is explained in the manual of Nextcloud, the underlying software of B2DROP. New users as of September 2023 have the nextcloud and b2drop manual automatically in their b2drop root directory.

Additionally you can find the B2DROP and nextcloud manuals shared in b2drop:

B2DROP Manual


B2DROP supports, due to the underling Nextcloud software, a simple file versioning. It’s an automatic process. Access to the previous versions is straightforward on the web GUI and the desktop client; the file gets overwritten by the selected version, with other versions (including newer) being retained.

However, in order to preserve disk space, B2DROP preserves a subset of the versions, progressively reducing the number of retained versions as time goes by. The scheme is discussed under “Version Control” in the Nextcloud manual, but it is important to note that B2DROP will remove older saved versions and/or stop maintaining versions while the user exceeds 50% of their quota.


Last update: 09.11.2023