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Install B2DROP#

To install B2DROP you need to follow this steps:

  1. Install Nextcloud
  2. Connect the service with B2ACCESS
  3. Deploy theme
  4. Install the B2SHAREbridge

Install Nextcloud#

The setup of Nextcloud depends strongly on your needs. You might want to operate multiple nodes with a Loadbalancer instead of a single server and a master/slave or cluster database instead of a single database node. So the setup of Nextcloud is not always the same. For this reason we do not provide a guide to install Nextcloud itself. For information about installing Nextcloud, please read the Nextcloud admin manual.

Connection with B2ACCESS#

The user management is performed in EUDAT’s AAI B2ACCESS. For this reason B2DROP shall be connected to B2ACCESS. B2ACCESS can also perform the authorizations for B2DROP. The integration with B2ACCESS is described here.

Deploy B2DROP theme#

The B2DROP theme is stored in a Github repository. You need to use this theme and perform some basic changes in Nextcloud’s theming app. The mandatory files are stored in the repository as well. To deploy the B2DROP theme you need to perform the following steps.

  1. Switch into the themes directory of your instance
  2. Clone the repository into this directory. For example git clone b2drop
  3. Do the basic theming in Nextcloud’s theming app and set this values:
    • Color: #264889
    • Logo: logo.png
    • Header logo: logo_w_border.png
    • Favicon: favicon.svg
  4. Enabling the theme via:
    1. config file by adding: 'theme' => 'b2drop', or
    2. command line client: ./occ config:system:set theme --value b2drop

Install B2SHAREbridge#

The B2SHAREbridge allows deposit creation in B2SHARE from B2DROP and uploads the files as a thrid party transfer in the background. Enabling and configuring the B2SHAREbridge is described here.