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For Administrators

The B2SAFE service is a software developed within the EUDAT project.

The Service offers functionality for the long term data preservation. The main feature is the function to replicate data sets across different data centres in a safe and efficient way while maintaining all information required to easily find and query information about the replica locations. The information about the replica locations and other important information is stored in a PID (Persistent IDentifier) registry. The B2SAFE Service is implemented as a package on top of iRODS, providing a set of iRODS rules and scripts.


An iRODS server version >= 4.2.6 is required. The irods python rule engine needs to be installed. \ An iRODS server version >= 4.2.10 is advised. The irods python rule engine needs to be installed.

Some of the functions could work with older iRODS versions, but there is neither guarantee nor support for them.

For the detailed procedure see or in the root directory of the package. A nagios-like probe has been developed too, it can be found in the directory monitoring of the package. The README file in the irods folder describe the deployment procedure.


There are two main places where the configuration is set:

  1. the directory /opt/eudat/b2safe/conf : here are stored the configuration files of the python scripts;
  2. the file /opt/eudat/b2safe/rulebase/ : here are recorded the options for the B2SAFE iRODS rules.