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B2ACCESS Documentation#

Service Descripion#

B2ACCESS is EUDAT’s account management and authorization service. By having the B2ACCESS service, users can login to all connected services using the same account. It allows users to authenticate themselves using a variety of credentials providing federated access and single-sign-on to services and service providers in a trusted way. B2ACCESS offers communities and service providers an AARC compliant AAI proxy ready to be integrated within the EOSC AAI Federation. This means you can manage the members of your community or use B2ACCESS to manage authorizations to services.


  • Compliant to the AARC Blueprint and REFEDS Sirtfi
  • Supports group management
  • Supports authorisation via group membership
  • Supports authentication e.g. via eduGAIN, ORCID and Social Identities
  • Support for EUDAT B2ACCESS local accounts
  • Support for IdP and service integration via SAML, OAuth and OIDC

Target Audience#

This documentation is targeted at system administrators and technical people working on the integration of services with the federated IAM / AAI infrastructure and community managers who are administer group memberships.


Please contact us if you are missing any content or if you have general comments.


Last update: 09.11.2023