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B2ACCESS Documentation#

Service Descripion#

B2ACCESS is a federated cross-infrastructure authorisation and authentication proxy for user identification and community-defined access control enforcement. It allows users to authenticate themselves using a variety of credentials providing federated access and single-sign-on to services and service providers in a trusted way. B2ACCESS offers communities and service providers an AARC compliant AAI proxy ready to be integrated within the EOSC AAI Federation.


  • Compliant to the AARC Blueprint and REFEDS Sirtfi
  • Supports group management
  • Supports authorisation via group membership
  • Supports authentication e.g. via eduGAIN, ORCID and Social Identities
  • Support for EUDAT B2ACCESS local accounts
  • Support for IdP and service integration via SAML, OAuth and OIDC

Target Audience#

This documentation is targeted at system administrators and technical people working on the integration of services with the federated IAM / AAI infrastructure and community managers who are administer group memberships.


Please contact us if you are missing any content or if you have general comments.