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Attributes in B2ACCESS#

Consumed Attributes from identity providers (IdP)#

B2ACCESS consumes only a small set of attributes from identity providers. The attributes, that are generally requested are those specified in the => REFEDS Research and Scholarship entity category. If the identity provider releases those attributes, the login for users works out of the box.

In addition, the assurance of the user will be described, using the => REFEDS Assurance Framework.

REFEDS Research and Scholarship#

Also called R and S, or R&S.

You should read the original link (it’s not long). In short, R&S makes sure that the identiy provider will release these attributes.

  • Mandatory:

    • shared user identifier

      • eduPersonPrincipalName (if non-reassigned)
      • eduPersonPrincipalName + eduPersonTargetedID
    • person name:

      • givenName + sn
    • email address:

      • email
  • Optional:

    • affiliation
      • eduPersonScopedAffiliation


Last update: 09.11.2023